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What Did You Call ME?

Posted by Keisha on December 13, 2012 at 5:10 PM

Finding love  is hard and doesn't come easy to alot of us. Which results to us looking for love in all the wrong places, litterally. Dating websites are a hot bed for people looking for love. Now I've written alot of blogs on here or other places, explaining my adventures in the online dating game.

Sometimes you hit but mostly you miss. I've met some good friends on dating sites and also have met some mortal enemies. Every now and again you'll run acrossa person who is actually using the site to find a good match. But almost all te time especially women can relate tothis , its just guys on there trying to get laid or a blow job. A sea of perves and assholes. Some will just out right come out and say they\ir looking to  get their dick wet. I can respect those guys because their keeping it real what teir looking for an dnot trying to beat around the bush about it. I can respect anyone who takes the time to be real with me.

Then you got the ones that say their looking for a good person. They'll act all interestee then  then spring on you they want to fuck. Or the ones that will send you a pic of their cock and then get pissed when you dont send one back. I have two stories about two different guys that done this to me. Granted this is'nt the first time and probably wont be the last but are probally the funniest.

Both of these stories come fromm guys of P.O.F. (Plenty Of Fish) A dating website.

Guy # 1. His name was Ethan.We talked awhile on P.O.F. messaging back and fourth. He seemed like a nice guy and we had alot of common interest. That's always cool, we liked alot of the same music, books, and TV shows. And even though he wasnt as heavy into wrestling as I am he knew anough about it in order to hold a conversation. I found that he was going to school and had two jobs. SO he's a hard working nice guy. Eventually I gave himmy number and we talked for almost two hours via text and actual over the phone. He called me on his break and that lasted about 20 minutes tops. Then we went back to texting, he asked me where I lived, and was I free the weekned. I assured him I was. He asked me if I wanted to go out on a date with him, I said that would be cool.  Ethan then asked what would be a good first date? This is when it all went down hill.

Here's our conversation:

Me: " Dinner and a movie? I'm pretty simple plus I ain't trying to break you lol"

Ethan: "Oh okay that's cool. Where would you like to eat?"

Me: "Chinese or Mexican. I'm sure we'll find something :)"

Ethan: Ok, thats cool.....So what are your limitations on the first date?"

Me: (knowing full well what he means) "What do you mean?"

Ethan: "Like what are your limits as far as touching?"

Me: (I'm thinking to myself oh not another one) " Well no kissing and definitely no sex or oral sex. A hug is okay because I just met you. I think that's pretty fair."

Ethan: "What? Why? Lmao"

Me: "I just met you. I'm not putting my mouth on you, nor do I want your mouth on me. I dont know you like that and I'm not looking for sex. No offense or nothing but I'm cautious. What's wrong with that?"

Ethan: "Its Lame. Thats whats wrong with it!"

Me: "Its not lame. Its common sense. You dont know mw and I don't you. Why be so quick to put your mouth on someone you just met. Its too much shit out here."

Ethan: "Thats what condoms are for"

Me: "Condoms don't protect against anything. You can read that on the back of pack, plus its again, COMMON SENSE. I'm not looking for sex."

Needless to say Ethan never texted me back after that. I tyhanked him for letting me know right then that he was full of shit and a waste of my valuble time. Nowon to the next guy that just out right pissed me off.

Another guy named Shane also met on P.O.F. Again another cool guy. He said he liked my profile and enjoyed and agreed with alot of what I said. He commented off how intellegent I seemed and not like most black girls (he's white) that he's ever dated. I thought that was cool  and accepted the compliments as usual. We talked online over the course of two or three days then I finally gave him my number. As soon as I gave him my number he asked for a picture of me for my contacts so I sent one and asked for one of him in return. When the pic came through it wasn't a pic of his face OH NO it was a pic of his cock. Again this is not the first time this has happened but it becomes more and more annoying every time. My philosophy on dick pix is this. If I don't personally ask for it I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT. And if you send it I'm not going to respond back to you or I just may say loose my number. Because to me thats disrespectful especially if I say I'm not looking for that. Anyway back to it he says this;

Shane: " You like that big white cock?" (It wasnt big. He actually had a baby dick that looked like it was wearing a turtle neck from The Gap. With a big ass blue vein on the side of it)

Me: "No!"

Shane: "Why not?"
Me: "Cause I dont want it. I told you I'm not loking for that."
Shane: "Send me a pic of you titties"

Now why the hell would I refuse your nasty dick pic and then send you a picture of my titties? I didnt want to see yours why in the blue bottom hell would I send you a picture of mine? Lets get real folks.

Me: "No Dude"

Shane: Okay then show me that pink wet wet. YOu know that pussy"

Me: I refused to show you my titts, why would I show you my pussy?"

Shane: Just show me I showed you my cock. Thats not fair! (Angry face)"

ME: It is fair caus eI didnt ask to see you cock. You sent that on your own free will. If I agreed to send you a pic and then back out then you wouldve had an ag\rgument but you don't/"

Shane: "Thats some ol' bullshit. Just send me the fuckin' pix"

Me: "How about you quit texting my phone"

Shane: YOU prolly don't want me to see cause you a man!"

Okay, I been in a shitty mood ALL DAY LONG! And all I needed was a reason to act a muthafucka fool. How about I took a deep breathe and was about to text him but instead I called him.

The worse thing he coudlve done was answer that phone cause when he picked up Babbbby I let this muthafucka have it.

Me: "First of all how the fuck you gone call somebody a muthafuckin man? HOw the fuck dare say that shit., All because I didnt wanna show you my muthafuckin pussy or tt\itties . Yo ass aint entitled to a got damn thang on me. You sent me a pic of yo shit. How the fuck dare you I aint no fuckin man you flat fuck face chicken nugget lip beach ball neck baby noodle dick fat ass bitch. How about you kiss all my black ass and suck that shit dry. Stankin ass muthfucka!!!" He was speechless after that needless to say nad tried to apologize. I was nt hearing it at all and blocked his ass. Men are crazy and try to talk down to you when they cant get what they want. I"m Just Sayin 

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